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Midsection Of Woman Holding Purse Those born between 1934 and 1942 will be experiencing their Uranus return, which is the time in our life when we truly say "fuck it" and follow our hearts. (For Uranus return inspiration, check out social media goddess Baddie Winkle , who, as Rebel Astrology reports, absolutely slayed this planetary milestone .) Those born when Uranus occupied Scorpio — between September 9, 1975 and November 16, 1981 — will also be impacted (note, however, that Uranus was in Sagittarius from March 21, 1981 to November 16, 1981). This period is referred to as a planetary opposition. During this time, which lands in our early 40s, we tend to rebel against the existing infrastructure of our lives. Changes in career and relationships often occur during as we radically shift perspectives. Take a look at your natal chart : Any planets in Taurus or Scorpio (Taurus's opposite sign) will be directly impacted by Uranus's transit. Additionally, planets in Leo or Aquarius (also fixed signs) will also be triggered by this upcoming motion. Everyone — regardless of which signs are featured in your chart — should track Uranus's degrees as it moves across the sky: Uranus's position will always activate that same degree in your personal chart. For example, when Uranus enters Taurus, Uranus will be at zero degrees from May 15 through June 4, and it will activate any planets in your chart that are at zero degrees. To follow Uranus, check out a planetary ephemeris or this nifty daily breakdown .

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The officer had completed a shift late on Thursday and was still in uniform when she returned to what she believed was her home and encountered 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean, Dallas police chief U. Renee Hall said at a news conference. “It’s not clear what (the) interaction was between her and the victim,” Hall said. “But at some point, she fired her weapon, striking the victim. She called 911.” “Right now, there are more questions than we have answers,” the chief said. “We understand the concern ofสุริยุปราคา-สิงหา-21-2560/ this community.” The officer is white, while her victim was a black man whose family is from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, Hall said. The St. Lucia Times reported that Jean was the son of a former permanent secretary for two governmental ministries of St. Lucia and he had been employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers and lived in a gated community.